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A Tale of Two Generations: A fictional story of Karachi's most ancient past.

The Royal Family: The Ruling Class of Kolachi
The Revolution: A fiction based on a fictional ancient past of Indus valley civilizatio. That was a fine evening. A great merriment and dance was underway in King Ruru’s palace—a usual sight in the royal palace of Kolachi! However, that day was different, for our king’s love affair had taken a new but pleasant twist; he’d appointed his beloved, Neelamal, as his new chief minister, and she was sitting beside him on the throne. The king was in his fifties—not too old to fall for someone in her thirties, and beautiful like Neelamal. His wife Ambika, the queen of Kolachi, who was the princess of the neighboring state of Alore, had died a few weeks ago, relieving the king from the bondage of marriage to enter the new relationship! Despite all his satisfaction and happiness, our king wasn’t fit to rule our country; that was because of his dementia. He was prone to lose his memory, persistently, after every two or three days, due to a strange fit th…